Village vacances à Carcans

Long waits are worth it! I suggest a party of 2 if you can make it happen, just because when you smell the delicious things coming out of the restaurant, you are not going to want to wait for a table to open for a big party!

Local, fresh, and unique dishes that make home style breakfasts im used to with local flair such as AZ grown fruits and veggies or thick cut peppered bacon. Not to mention the REAL fresh squeezed orange juice.

Servers are hit or miss. Last visit I had a gal completely forget to put our order in for about 20 minutes, but the kitchen is fast so it wasn’t more than 15 minutes after she did that we had our food.

No real complaints, Matt’s food is worth the wait!

Découvrir les balades et randonnées

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Reserve Naturelle de l'étang de Cousseau

Location: Réserve Naturelle de l'Étang de Cousseau, Lacanau, FranceWebsite: 05 56 91 33 65